The Course In Feet – Lesson 1

Remove your shoes and socks and sit comfortably near the edge of a straight chair. Keep your feet shoulder width apart, or narrower. Keep them parallel. Above all, make sure they’re comfortable like this for a while.

Begin by feeling your feet on the floor and getting a sense of the bones of your feet on the floor. How do the sides and edges sit compared to the rest of your foot. How does the heel of your foot fit onto the floor and how does the floor fit against your foot? Now the ball of your foot… do your toes rest against the floor? Give this process 1 or even 2 minutes. compare both feet and how they fit the floor.

“Now there was a time you heard a sound and didn’t know what to make of it. This wasn’t the first time you’d heard it. It was ‘out there’ somewhere, not in here. Somehow you ‘reccognised it’ remembered it….you heard it again. Soon, as you heard the sound, you were able to see the ‘person’ that this sound and this voice – came with. Before long and even before you know it, you are able to look in the direction ….the place the sound came from with your own eyes. It is magical, you can ‘look and see’ entirely under your own steam – in the direction of that noise…… what an amazing thing it is. Anytime you want, you can ‘look’ and see in that place. Sometimes when you looked the voice wasn’t there. Other times you look and it is. One day you notice that looking in that direction, your head can also turn that way too! And you could turn it too. And again…..eyes that way and head as well…and now all at the same time……together. And then your eyes the other way too! And head the other way too! Still sometimes you looked and the sound wasn’t there, sometimes it is. But that didn’t matter anymore……before long eyes and head are turning together…..easy peasy…. a superstar, a magician. What an accomplishmen, an achievement…what a sense of self-satisfaction? Do they all know up there I can do this stuff? Do they know how fabulous I am?”

You can begin to sense the weight of your ankle. First on the inside of your right foot….and on the outside…..

And you can notice how your feet experience the floor. This perception gathering, accumulating and adding to the image of yourself.