Lesson 4 – Walk On The Wild Side

  1. While walking outside preferably, pay attention for a moment to how other people walk. Pay attention to their feet – to all the little things their feet do. Their heel lift… the foot direction…the twist….the roll…the shuffle….the stamp…the kick. Lookl for the speed and rhythm of the steps if that fits for you.
  2. Today’s exercise – outside, on the street, in a supermarket, down the road – is to mimic other people’s feet . Copy their feet as they walk for about 30 seconds each person. Do this with 5 people. You’ll either make changes to your body to be able to mimic them – or your body will change in order to be like their feet.  It doesn’t matter which way this transpires. Just have fun with it, rather than a task.
  3. So be aware  what feels different in  your  body as you copy them. Notice the extent of the all changes you have to make in the rest of your body – just to copy their feet. Sometimes its hard to keep track of all the chnages you make. However its something you get good at really quickly.


Where has your breathing changed?

How has your breathing changed?

Where in your upper body has changed the most?

Where in your lower body has changed the most?

Most importantly –  try to recover your original way of walking. Try to ‘do your own walk’ in the habitual way.

See what YOU have to change to recover your own way of walking. How much willpower do you need to to get back to your own walk….OR what changes do you have to make to get it back?

Walking On The Wild Side

I’ve done this so many times I’ve lost count and only ever been noticed 3 times. I can still remember their priceless looks of confusion and bemusement!

There are 2 categories of Waling on the Wild Side; Matching & Mirroring.

MATCHING – is copying someone walking ahead of you in the same direction.

MIRRORING is copying someone coming towards you and you have to shift your attention to their opposite foot or re-orientate your internal image of their walk to fit.

Both ways are phenoenally powerful when you do the basic Sensing & Feeling exercise in the chair within 24 – 48 hours, exactly as described in Lesson 1.

Remember the only people who know your walk are your family, friends and co-workers. So don’t worry about other people seeing you walking funny or about being caught. In fact people often find themselves giggling during this exercise.

Ultimately, when we do our Sensing & Feeling tomorrow, we’ll be driving our improvement much further and deeper. This combination of copying with sensing & feeling is worth 3 weeks of sensing & feeling by itself.

You can do this.