Lesson 2 -Smart Feet

1.Remove your shoes and socks and sit comfortably near the edge of a straight chair.

Begin by feeling your feet on the floor just like yesterday. Take your time here.
Get a sense of the bones of your feet on the floor and how they fit the floor. How do your toes fit the floor? Go through them one at a time now…the big toe, the next one, the middle toe, the next to last and finally yhe little toe. Feel each one. Feel the difference between each one and the next one in line. Is there more weight on one toe than another?  Give them a colour – dark for heaviness and lighter for lightness. Give one a colour for being the widest and another for narrowness.

Secondly, in reverse now…how does the floor fit your feet ?

Get a sense of your whole foot, both feet.

“I can feel, my arm is somehow able to do the same thing as my eyes and my head can do. Instead of it flailing and waving…maybe, just maybe…..it can do the same. Maybe I can move it. Maybe I can lift it or do stuff with it….maybe….So I get it to lift and lift again.  And I can lift the other one. But sometimes I couldn’t, sometimes it wouldn’t do it for me. Until now I can do it all the time…and at the same time as I lift or turn my or head..and my eyes…all at same time, together, all at once. Do they know what a superstar I am and what I can do? All this stuff at once….easy.”


2. Take a deep breath in and with your LEFT FOOT – tap your heel 3 times as you breath out: tap – tap – tap. Notice and feel the bones of your foot as it hits the floor. Repeat this movement 3 times on your out breath.

3. Now, on the out breath again – wiggle your LEFT KNEE over and back – wiggle – wiggle – wiggle. Notice the sensations on the flat of your foot change as you do this.

Do this wiggle movement  3 times altogether.

Get a sense of both feet – how do they compare?
Get a sense of both legs – how do they compare?
Get a sense of your upper body – how do both sides compare?

What area in your body has changed the most….your lower back… your breathing…your neck & shoulders…ribs….hands..face…eyes.. legs…?

Which foot senses the floor better, your left or your right?