Lesson 8 Green Feet

Green feet
The neurons treated with apigenin (right) show more formation of synapses (red) than the neurons that were not treated.

First have your green tea or chamomile tea.

  1. Stand normally facing forward, then take a small step out with your LEFT FOOT.
  2. Keep your head facing forward then turn your body 45 degreees to the right.
  3. Keep your head facing forward and turn your eyes to the right as far as is comfortable. This is now yor starting position.
  4. While your attention is on your feet, notice the changing sensations there as you turn your head slowly to the right as far as is comfortable and back to the starting position…x10 times…slowly and gently.
  5. Finish by turning your body and your eyes back facing front again.
  6. Stand normally befor you begin Sensing & Feeling

How do your feet fit the floor….how does the floor fit your feet?

How does the right foot fit the floor as the floor fits your left foot?

How does the left foot fit the floor as the floor fits your right foot?

Alternate between these 2 perspectives of your Left Foot several times.

What area in your body has changed the most since you started?

Tomorrow lesson 9, repeat the above exercise taking the RIGHT FOOT forward position.

Remember while many suplements, oils and remedies have tremendous realxing properties, the effects of l-theanine in Green Tea are ‘relaxing without sedating’.  Its anti-anxiety effects in stressful situation are legendary.