Lesson 10 – Final Flurry of Feet

  1. Sit comfortably at the edge of the chair.
  2. Feel your sitting bones resting against the chair. Are they even? Is there more weight oon one than the other?
  3. Rock gently over and back on the chair so one you can feel one sitting bone resting on the chair as the other one rises up from the chair. Notice any changing pressures of your feet on the floor as you do this rocking movement over and back for around 20 seconds or so.
  4.  Now do your most basic version of Lesson 1 from memory – Sensing & Feeling.
  5.  Finally, notice the sensations in your body. Forget about how your foot fits the floor and how the floor fits your feet….just feel the different sensations in your legs, your feet…your upper body…all over. 
  6. Just notice them… pay attention to them….feel them…make it as simple and uncomplicated as you possibly can.