Lesson 11 – Einstein Feet

Einstein Feet1. Sit comfortably at the edge of the chair. Take a moment to notice your feet flat on the floor and your sitting bones resting on the chair.

2. While you do this, pay attention to your peripheral vision…..to the things outside your immediate focus – things above, below or to the sides of your field of vision. Not so far outside your field of vision that paying attention there is a strain…..just relax and notice lets say the wall, windows, chairs etc., that are not inyor immediate focus. What we’re aiming for here is a gentle state of relaxed attention that can even become a childlke daydreaming state after a while.

3. Next do the most basic Sensing & Feeling  movements. Try to pay your attention in relaxed peripheral vision – on your out breath. Just notice and feel the sensations in your feet – in general this time. Forget about the floor fitting your feet and your feet fitting the floor. its the general or overall sensations we’re looking for.

4. Finally,  after a minute or so of sensing & feeling try to bring the sensation in your feet to another area of your body. Shift, move or slide the sensations to an area of discomfort or lower mobility. Better still, experience the sensations that are at your feet – in an area – LIKE YOUR ABDOMEN, UPPER OR LOWER OR TO THE SIDES.

Spend just a minute doing this – a relaxed minute. Its not an act of will, just an easy going way to move a sensation around, to feel it somewhere else or eben imagine it somewhere else.