Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue –

The Industrial Waste of The Human Body

Scar Tissue runs deep. As opposed to scarring on the outside of the body which has a shape and a form, the scar tissue beneath does not.

It doesn’t follow the fibres of the muscles. It doesn’t the pathway of the nerves. And we can’t follow the images of an antomy book to know exactly where it goes. But if you have a joint problem – aching, stiff and increased loss of mobility – you can be sure you’ve got scar tissue above and even below the area. Most people have been struggling and frustrated with this because have been treating something else entirely.

The Real Issue In The Tissue

While it may have started out as tissue, that’s far from the best name for it. Though the lesser know evil of sugar and saturated fat – scar tissue is the devil in disguise. However you see it started out to protect you.

Somewhat pliable yet tough it was support for your collagen structures after trauma, injury or insult to the body, even surgery. However, the longer it remained the harder, tougher and inflexible it got.

Vagus GrowlIt  fast becomes a low-blood-flow, heavy-storage dumpsite.

Scar tissue is ultmately all the accumulated industrial waste of the human body.

Nothing lives there. Nothing would ever want to.

Tough Unyielding Tissue

At first, after an injury or a knock, it is fibrous, sticky, unelastic – in complete opposition to the elasticity of collagen. Think adhesion, lack of membrane fluidiy and a sticky mess. (Elsewhere, as the brain ages, there is an increase in membrane rigidity which results in changes in synapses and a decrease in neurotransmiter release.)

*This growing scar tissue doesn’t follow anatomical pathways. It spreads like a weed. It invades, takes over and spread like the roots of weeds – around objects, between structures, over and under others.  Weeds will own your garden if you let them. The longer they stay there, the harder they are to remove. Unless of course you restort to the surgical method of weedkiller.

Crystalline Accumulation

Crystalline acidic byproducts of metabolism are the next layer. The fly-tipping layer – the next stage – hardness, rigidity, inefficient function, inefficiency of movement, stiffness, tightness are next.

Calcium Deposits

Finally the calcium deposits accumulate. Nothing has been really moving there – no blood flow, little or no lymph – so the big stuff moves in.  Waste calcium crystals build up on the crystalline material. Forget elasticity from here on. This tissue is wasteland. Then it invades movement of joints above and below. It determines your range of movement. It decides how far you can walk without pain. It pinches nerves and causes pain far from the area itself. Scar tissue – the invader of independence.

This part loves, loves, loves…. soft drinks, cheap coffee and strong tea. They force truckloads of calcium from your bones to satisfy their acidity. The process is called resorption and goes through your bones like a dose of salts! Once these calcium molecules have done their job, neutralised the acidiy, ithey have no structural function anymore. They are waste calcium. Put enough of yhem together and you can build a wall.

Scar Tissue Fuel

And the fuel for building this great wall of China – INFLAMMATION – the devil incarnate, the feral child of all bodily processes. It reeks havoc for fun, has no boundries and little or no domestication.

Give it an inch and it will take a mile. Inflammation is in itself a dumpsite for bacteria, foreigh particles, metabolic byproducts, toxins, wastes and microbes. A trouble maker that leaves its mark wherever it goes. It draws power from many systems to keep itself alive.

Scar tissue although once started out to protect you, succumbed to the charms and seduction of building their own personal fort they can call home.

Well, let’s put an end to that right here and right now. Because there’s no more information you need. And no skills apart from the instructions below.  You won’t need a course of 10 expensive sessions on the couch either.

So lets save time and money and get started right away.

Scar Tissue Removal

Remember, this tissue does not follow the pathway of nerve or muscle fibre. It is a weed whose it’s roots expand and travel in any direction they want and go wherever they please.

So the first thing we need to do before deciding if you really want to clear this scar tissue out and start feeling free once more is to gear up for the 2 pronged attack that you’ll need.

Your Angle Of Attack

First, scar tissue laughs in the face of traditional massage therapy. Going along with the muscle fibres is a complete waste of time. Even lateralizing across the fibres has little if any impact in the long term.

Scar Tissue Fibres

The key, the secret however is just there, a little outside, but close.

Because its all in your angle of the attack. Choose a 45 DEGREE ANGLE. Go diagonally across the muscle fibres – or go home!

Leg muscle fibres here in this image run lengthways from top to bottom. Going along that direction is futile. The 45 degre angle shifts and mechanically breaks open the stubborn and resistant tissue. Anything else is a recipe for frustration. This technique faces the accumulated crap  head on.

There will be tears, tantrums and tiaras. Like a demanding child not getting their own way you gotta be unyielding for several minutes. It will pay off handsomely. And if you’ve never done it, even on your own thigh or shoulder – you’ll absolutely remember the first time. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unforgiving and even viscious.

First you’ll need a rounded tool like this. Scar Tissue Tool A similar smooth object will work every bit as well… a cup, a mug,  the handle of a large kitchen spoon, a remote control of a TV …

The will let you push or roll in a 45 degress direction across the muscle fibres of a small area the size of your hand. .. over and back… over and back…. over and back.

Spend 3 – 5 minutes on an area above the effected joint and the same below the joint. You may do this through the clothes. You may even want to drape a towel across the area to begin with. It’s the angle of attack that makes the difference as much as the depth. It will be uncomfortable.

But …. it brings ease and relief that you may never have imagined. It permits movement again. It allows freedom and independence that you may not even remember but will welcome with open arms again.

Scar Tissue Detoxification

Second thing to do is stimulate your body’s DETOXIFICATION power. We need to do this powerfully to ensure efficient elimination – not further storage – of the calcium and waste deposits we’ve broken up. And to do this we need Jurassic Mud. It has the pulling power of a truck. It drags the most stubborn waste, vile junk, rubbish, crap ‘kicking and screaming’ from your body.

SScar Tissue soakimply half-fill a basin with warm water, add a teaspoon of mud and pop your feet in. The mud will do it all for you. 30 – 35 minutes is plenty. Add warm water to keep the water hot if you like.  

Scar Tissue Soak

The secret is to combine your soak with your 45 degree technique. You’re multiplying the effects of the treatment and literally reaching across time taking back the years off your muscles, bones and especially your joints. This feeling is amazing.

Repeat the process 3 or more times a week for maximum effect. You’ll have a dozen treatments in each jar of mud, all for the price of one single deep tissue massage. Yet you’ll accomplish more by combining the detox with the 45 degree rolling method than you ever though possible.

Membrane Fluidity. Detoxification. Manual and Mechanical Efforts.

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