Jurassic Mud Original and Finest 240g Jar


The Jurassic Mud Method

Imagine your own personal massage therapist at home. Any time you needed or wanted some treatment, all you had to do was ask. Now imagine you can have a treatment anytime you wanted, day or night. Well you’re not likely to find a therapist to be at your beckon call–but here’s the next best thing: Your Jurassic Mud Aromasoak.

“It always seems impossible until its done.”


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Jurassic Mud Aromasoak

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel as good on your feet at the end of the day as you were at the very beginning …instead of your feet weighing you down for no good reason as the day drags on and on?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

With Jurassic Mud it’s time you felt human again.  Because have you ever noticed that some of the happiest, most spontaneous people naturally place tremendous value on time ‘off their feet’. Their downtime – preciuos, priceless  not up for discussion. 

In fact neuroscience now tells us that …‘our uptime depends on the quality of our downtime’. That’s what makes the Mudsoak Method so Magical.

JUST SIT-SOAK-SOOTHE and let Jurassic Mud take care of everything for you. 

Especially if you’ll be on your feet 5 days a week for the forseeable future, if your legs are getting more and more tired and you’re tried rubbing, rolling brushing and applying every cream you can get your hands on.

The Jurassic Mud Hug

First, there’s the moment – even before you pop your feet in – that you can already feel the warmth and the ease and the wonderful sensation on your feet. Then, when you actually slide your feet in and soak, for the silky smooth warm water to wrap around  your feet .. slowly and the relaxation spreads so the rest of your body can begin to let go, like a great big hug from top to toe …and back again.(Notice how this clears your thinking.)

The Jurassic Mud Aromasoak

Standing all day and sore aching feet take their toll. But they’re not the only ones to bare the burden. When your legs tighten, your lower back weighs a tonne, but after a while it goes further – and deeper still. Think reflexology….but in reverse.

You may aready know that you feet connect intricately to the rest of your body. But the effects of the other connections distributing stress that’s ignored.

An hour on your feet adds a minute on your face and that’s just ’till age 25. It’s after that, the clocks’ ticking faster and adding hours that you knew nothing about. Tired neck and shoulders from standing all day crushes your spirit for fun. Then the muscles of your face, pinched a little more, squeezed, scrunched and tightened right under your nose. It’s fine for today, maybe even tomorrow but sooner or later your face will look back from the mirror to tell you a diferent story. The minute per hour just galloped away and you’re furious that nobody told you.

Jurassic Mud Letting-Go

That look on your face when your body let’s go is something that’s more than worth having. And it’s made more than welcome with the smile on your face as you pop your feet in and start soaking. And you probably know that when time starts to slow, everything glows – and your eyes may even glisten.

Your neck and your shoulders, they welcome you back to the land of the living then realise what you’ve been missing. And then you’ll have noticed your legs now feel fine from the test of time and your’re smiling. 

When your feet feel good …

….your body feels good – now you look good too. Just sit – soak – soothe… and TRY TO RESIST A SMILE as you see how simple you can do this. And for no more than the price of a cup of coffee for each time.

The hardest working super-mud in the world makes it all happen.

Now imagine how good you’ll feel when you’re there in your comfortable chair and your feet enjoying your jurassic mud foot soak.

Contains 12 Jurassic Mud Aromasoak treatments @ £3.08 per treatment. (Please share your used mud with your pot plants, flowers and garden after soaking.)




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