Top Tip 27 Jelly Belly

Jelly BellyHere is one of the famous Jurassic Mud Top Tips -Jelly Belly – your Organic-Spark Activation Points.

Sometimes breaking this information to you gently, step by step…. is best. Not this time!

And definitely not with Jelly Belly!

Its way past the point of no return!

First prepare your soak and  pop your feet in.

So here goes, an explanation. As well as oral ingestion of food, there is another way you once absorbed and assimilated nutriment delivering straight it into your every single cell.

In fact, this deloivery system helped buil every bone, joint, muscle, ligament and every sinew in your body.

Drum roll please….it was….through your umbilical cord.

There, I’ve said it. And as you’ve read this far….

Well, The Jelly Belly pressure point technique re-activates your organic and innate ability to suck up every ounce of energy from the world around you – especially from your feet.

*Will it make you leap over buildings in a single bound….nope.

Will it overcome every obstacle thats standing in your way of perfect health, wellbeing and longevity…. nope.

If you still want to try now, here goes:

  1. Using the ‘pads’ of your middle and index fingers of both hands, place them exactly as in the image above at the 4 corners of your belly buton.
  2. Use very little weight or pressure – just the weight of 2 pound coins resting on top of one another – at the tips of each of the 4 fingers.
  3. Now with your shouldrts relaxed, hold this for 2 minutes.

The Jelly Belly Aftermath

During or after the technique, you may notice some strange stirrings – sometimes loud sometimes unfamiliar – deep, deep down in the digestive system. This is normal. Having someone nearby to blame is always a good idea!

jelly belly 2






Peace & Mud

*As with all holistic treatments, this is not cause and effect. In other words, doing ‘X’ doesn’t automatically cause ‘Y’  to happen. The outcome from the application of Holistic techniques is caused by the interaction of several elements together. Its a synergistic process that works on the interactions between systems.  And synergy doesn’t mean the common ‘result is greater than the sum of its parts’ explanation. In physics synergy refers to the outcome being bespoke to that individual and producing qualities never before seen.(synergy: wikipedia). Creating the environment that allows this to happen is the key to a positive outcome.

The precess is closer to an advanced learning or super-learning methods. We’re not looking for things that come down to an indivudual cell or a neuron. We’re working on the interactiosn between systems without the need for cause and effect. So the more we get our frame of mind ready – the more room for the changes/benefits/improvements to take place. We can bring this down to these 3 core beliefs, understandings or frames of mind:

  1. “This doesn’t have to fit exactly into what I already know”. Don’t pre-judge the treatment what you may discover or inded any of what you’re abvout to do.
  2. “I have no expectation of the specific outcome.” Even though it did ‘X’ last time, does not mean the same wil happen this time.
  3. “This may not work.” Are you open to the fact that it may not work – loose your need for the treatment to work. This is the most counter intuitive beleif -but by far the most powerful to bring to holistic treatment, system or pressure points.

We want a flexiblilty, a sense of curiosity and an inquisitiveness for some form of new information or ideas while doing or recieving a treatment.  While a fixed frame of mind avoids new ideas and ignores anything that challenges their current beliefs and ideas.

Try out these beliefs for yourself and see how much more effective alternative treatments can be. I expect you’ll truly disvover their benefits reach deeper and furrther than ever before.